The Large, Bigger in size than typical Below garment Reveal

The Big, Big Bra Show

The Bigger in size than standard Boob Owners Manual is a secret dossier most breast bucks at not time heard of. It gets passed around to chesty angels who carefully guard it and by no means speak of it. According to SCORE magazine editor Dave, the BBOM covers many areas concerning the common beneath garment, the garment that holds the things we like so dear. That lady rig also known as the tit-sling aka the hooter-holster aka the breast-basket.

The Manual encourages large-breasted hotties to regularly go for undergarment fittings and make a video copy of it. The Manual encourages large-breasted girls to not favor one bra and to wear their bras on a rotating basis, not at all wearing the same brassiere more than two days in a row “unless u drilled some stranger last night, wound up at his apartment and had no preference but to wear the same undergarment the next morning.” The Manual too wishes hotty’s to go braless once in a during the time that, and, to quote the Manual, “Put the top down once in a whilst and let ’em hang free and feel the air.”

The Big, Big Underneath garment Show stars bra experts Ashley Sage Ellison, Lily Madison, Karina Hart, Elle Flynn, Ivy Darmon and Jennica Lynn trying on a series of brassieres and doing their best to induce a state of boob-drunkenness in anyone who watches this video. They will by no means admit to following the guidelines of The Large Boob Owners Manual. They’ll even tell you it doesn’t exist. But we know better.

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Stacked & Serviced

Stacked & Serviced

Jasmine Dark is a sexy cocktail server. “Can I acquire u anything else?” Jasmine asks her only customer, Carlos. This gent just now gropes her jugs, engulfing her areolas, during the time that Jasmine disrobes. Yes, it is that kind of restaurant where females are on the menu. Merely in Europe would a restaurant love this exist.

Naked, except for nylons, that babe bows over to engulf his dick whilst this buck sits in the chair. Jasmine lies on a table so Carlos can hump her in a missionary position. This smooth operator goes from her bawdy cleft into her arse. He pulls out and Jasmine takes the penis straight into her mouth. Jasmine acquires back on the table so this chab can bonk her bubble wazoo, his dick trickling with her saliva.

Carlos pulls out afresh to bonk her face hole, then she turns around so this lady-killer can dip into her backdoor doggy position. They repeat the double-dipping suck-cock, fuck-ass game. Jasmine kneels once more to treat him to a tug job that makes him erupt on her charming funbags. That babe turns to the camera, smiling and rubbing the spunk into her chest. Jasmine knows that the jizz of a man’s balls makes a girl’s love muffins grow. This scene is too a chapter of the DVD Stacked & Serviced.

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Pickin’ Up Plumpers

Pickin' Up Plumpers

Kamille Amora is combining a visit to XL Gals, where she began her hot-modeling career, and a vacation. She’s visiting a undress mall when JMac and Tony Rubino pull over. Tony calls her over to the passenger side. That buck tells Kamille that he’s bet his buddies that Kamille has indeed bigger than typical scoops.

Now Kamille is wearing a very baggy, extra-large tee-shirt over a sports bra coz if this babe wore smth chest-hugging and low-cut, she’d attract way also many eyeballs, attention and comments and she is just out to do some shopping. But Rubino has built-in boob radar and knows better.

Not one to turn down a challenge, Kamille flashes right there in the parking lot, quickly raising and lowering her big tee to show ’em her greater than run of the mill 36I wobblers. Now JMac and Tony are determined to have some fuckin’ enjoyment with this topheavy tourist. Tony chats Kamille up some more and that babe receives into the back seat, giving ’em more views of her enormous, damp hangers. What a worthy, thoughtful angel.

Dumping their third wheel driver buddy, JMac and Tony bring Kamille back to their sex cave so they can double-team her. Every ladies man takes a side of Kamille and they quickly talk her without her clothes and underclothing. Miss Amora’s face hole, twat and monumental scoops are just right for a three-way fuck party. When one boy is drilling Kamille, the other is getting a fellatio by a experienced mouth and vice versa, a very lovely way to spend the afternoon in the sun-drenched Magic Town. This curvy and stacked tourist from Seattle didn’t wait to play tag with two fellows but this babe is always up for a spontaneous cum session and a hot double-dipping.

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The Stacked Student

The Stacked Student

Kate Marie says this babe was a little nervous in her first SCORE discharges but you’d have at no time guessed it. This babe is a natural at it. One more great New Discovery! Kate’s been modeling for a scarcely any years so we could kick ourselves upside the head for not spotting her earlier.

“I don’t discover many sexy garments that fit my chest,” says Kate. That babe is 5’4″ and her under garment size is 36H. “Their sheer size is by itself an attention-getter. Wearing reservoir tops when I go out have not quite caused accidents in public. I get a lot of attention. It is ok as lengthy as folks eventually look up and talk to me and not my bosoms.”

Kate’s fantasies involve voyeurism and others watching her. That babe cums finest by “fingers, whether mine or anybody else’s.” Her kinkiest experience so far was at a “Bondage lap dancing club by invitation merely in Chicago. Whilst there, I endevoured many different role-playing games. It opened my eyes to a whole new world of fun and excitement.”

We hope SCORELAND likewise does the same for Kate!

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Fresh Discovery

New Discovery

Gentlemen, say howdy to your new dream angel. This cornfed Midwestern sweetheart is thick in all the right places and is skilled in our favourite things.
“I don’t know if I have any peculiar skills or talents,” Jordynn said. “I’ve been told I am good at doing certain things with my throat.”

We think Jordynn is intend to fit in with us very nicely. But let’s need to know Jordynn a little more in advance of we talk about how worthwhile she’s in the sack. Jordynn is Twenty seven years aged and enjoys playing movie games and watching sports in her free time. This babe too has an adventurous streak and craves to go skydiving and bungee jumping in a short time.

“I’m always looking for a thrill and something that gets my adrenaline pumping,” Jordynn said. “I think it would be a great rush.”

Banging on-camera is one of the things that gives Jordynn a rush. And you won’t get to wait very long to watch it either. Adore we said earlier, this 40G-cupper has serious skills.

“I can be masterful or compliant depending on who I’m with,” Jordynn told. “So u by no means know what you’re plan to receive, but it’s definitely plan to be fine.”

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Three’s Cum-pany

Three's Cum-pany

“Are you getting hard?” taunts Brandy Talore when this babe and April McKenzie walk past JR on their way over to the hot tub. “I can see it through your shorts.” The 2 big-chested chicks are scheming to get screwed but they don’t want to look love pushovers. Brandy starts up when she and April walk onto the pool deck.

“Are u lewd? Cuz I wanna suck your large rod,” Brandy says, slapping his hand. “You know you wanna suck on these nipps,” she says, fondelling April’s greater than standard hooters through her T-shirt. “She’s intend to rub her marangos all over your meat-thermometer.” April encourages Brandy’s endless teasing. “We’re plan to go in the sexy tub. You sit there and wait for us,” April says.

Now that they have finished verbally abusing this poor gent, they head for the tub, their bikinis subjected to pressures that look to us adore they exceed the maximum weight load allowed by law. Johnny’s gonna pound their cunts and ram their throats priceless as payback for their abase.

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Endless Curves

Endless Curves

Says the magnificent Jennica Lynn (XL Cuties On Location on DVD), “I’m used to attention. They always stare. I’ll be walking down the street and heads will be turning from each direction. If I’m going out and dressing up nicely, I do have enjoyment the attention then. During those times, I will wear tops that will expose lots of breast valley.”

Fluent in one as well as the other Swedish and English, Jennica is one of a kind in each way and it was a big day when we found her on the web. It was an even greater day when that babe arrived at SCORE the 1st time.

Says Jennica about her growth years, “I think I was a D-cup for the 1st time when I was about 14. I was about a G at 18. I cant remember the last time I saw my feet during the time that standing up.”

We can see Jennica’s feet just fine from our vantage point and they’re as sexy as the rest of her.

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Typist of Bust

Secretary of Bust

Sashaa Milk shakes is the sort of cutie who grabs your attention just now. No matter what she’s wearing, Sashaa is sex on a stick. And we’re always willing to jerk our throbbing man-sticks at the first sight of her. That babe looks tasty as ever today in her red and dark form-fitting dress. Sashaa is as curvy as a angel acquires and this costume hugs each inch of her moist body, and her I-cup mellons are ready to bust out, too. This type of outfit would not be considered appropriate for most offices, but revealing outfits are incredibly encouraged here at XL Girls.

“I adore dressing hot,” Sashaa told. “I like short dresses and I love low-cut tops. I’ve a lot of assets and I’m contented of ’em. I especially love noticing when boys double take as I walk down the street. It makes me feel fine.”

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