Her 38K’s Will Blow U Away

Her 38K's Will Blow You Away

Roxi Red’s humongous ta-tas (38K wonders of nature) had tit-men reeling love boob-drunk sailors. Roxi is one of the biggest-breasted finds of the past Twenty years of SCORE.

A mountainous chest needs a large ding-dong so Johnny Champ has the honors. Roxi looks wondrous in her skimpy white top and traffic-stopping denim short-shorts. This smooth operator plays with Roxi’s immense meatballs, then that babe gives him his own intimate wet T-shirt contest after that man soaks her top with water, making it see-through. Roxi is stripped down completely undressed and acquires on her knees to engulf his nine-incher.

That babe has a thick bush too, a rare sight those days but one much appreciated by cum-hole lovers. Roxi drools, licks and kisses his shaft and nuts until it’s as luscious as her dangling jugs. She’s an amazing meat-thermometer sucker. Now it is time to fuck! Roxi acquires on her side for position #1. Can that babe take his trouser-python?

Roxi had by no means made episodes until SCORE identified her. This babe glances into the digi camera whilst that babe is getting the pipe and shaking her love bubbles in a few screw poses. Is this babe looking for approval? Assurance? Soever the reasons, Roxi’s glances add heat as she’s being screwed.

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Cum Shower

Cum Shower

Legends like Samantha 38G always get what’s cumming to them. That is one of the perks of being one of the high reaching XL Cuties ever. In this scene, Samantha literally has cum coming to her. And this babe is nice-looking wanton about it.

“Don’t you just desire to cover me in cum?” Samantha asks.

We’re fairly certain that fantasy has left plumper lovers worldwide with stained sheets in the morning. Always the tanalize, Samantha doesn’t give anything away at one time. She knows this babe has a figure and body bucks drool over, so she teases the digital camera previous to her cum shower.

“I know that you lads have been envisaging to see me covered in cum for many years,” Samantha said. “Take your almost all stylish discharged.”

Samantha, you’re the gift that keeps on giving.

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Sex Education

Sex Education

Rocky has a hunger for learning. His teacher Miss Samantha 38G urges to aid him. Rocky desires to learn advanced words and expand his vocabulary. This lady-killer couldn’t have a more wondrous instructor. However, the lesson plan falls by the wayside when Miss Samantha eyes his junk. It’s time for her to teach this boyfrend words adore wobblers.

Samantha takes Rocky’s ding-dong without his trousers to slowly and gently tickle and rubdown his nuts and strapon. His wood receives harder than her desk. Samantha wishes to go to the teachers’ lounge where they can receive more comfortable. This babe is solely interested in one kind of hard wood.

At the lounge, Samantha gives him an A+ shlong engulfing and tit-massage. But this gent needs further tutoring so this babe acquires exposed except for her split crotch knickers and sits on his pole, taking it unfathomable for a grinding shag. Using her hands to brace herself, Samantha bounces up and down on it. That babe sure does love this 10-Pounder judging by her ecstatic expression.

A man’s quest for knowledge not at all ends. As lengthy as there’re caring and compassionate teachers such as Miss Samantha 38G who wanna set their students str8, be confident that the future of American youths are in precious hands and unfathomable breast valley.

This XL Cuties scene is Samantha’s first XXX since K-JUGS. We give it five gold stars without five.

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A Different Angle

A Different Angle

SCORE‘s specially designed glass table was pumped up to capture a point-of-view rarely observed in men’s entertainment photography. Over the years, such famous names as Diane Poppos and Melissa Manning have climbed on and pressed their gracious hooters and astonishing booties (and often spreadeagle bodies) against the glass whilst our photographer got below them and snapped away. Majority recently, Jenna Valentine put her large milk shakes and butt on the glass.

Hitomi was a natural to try it out and the results are, once afresh, top-notch. 1st, a long, subrigid look at her phenomenal body and spectacular scones. Pretty Hitomi begins this photo-shoot clothed in a tight bra, knickers and nylons. The undergarment is tossed, freeing her marangos so they can dangle and hang.

After breast-play images, Hitomi kicks off her high-heeled pumps and climbs onto the table, standing in stockinged feet for full body shots. Next, Hitomi’s greater than standard funbags and arse are squished against the glass. In some photos, that babe lies on her super-slim back. In others, this babe playfully sticks her long tongue out. And no photo set of Hitomi is whole with out her patented V sign (pictures Fourty four & 45). Domo arigato until next time, Hitomi.

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Mounds On Top

Tits On Top

“I acquire a lot of attention coz of my whoppers,” Nikky Wilder says. “I cant go a day–or even numerous hours–without somebody noticing ’em. I savour seeing boys and gals staring at ’em. So you’ll always find me in a low-cut or taut top of some kind. It’s pleasure.”

We of course acquiesce that looking at Nikky’s milk shakes is great joy. And we’re sure our friend Tony Rubino accedes. And he’s plan to give us all another look at why Nikky is one of XL Girls’ most good lays. And she enjoys no thing more than getting men off.

“I’m assertive in ottoman,” Nikky told. “When I urge it, I want it. I am kind of addicted to blowjobs and cum, also. I love having cum on my boobies and letting it drip down my body. It is so hot.”

After banging Nikky’s brains out, our boy Tony Rubino leaves her with a puddle of man juice on her DDD-cup hooters. What Nikky wants, Nikky acquires.

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Breasty Jail Bird

Busty Jail Bird

As much as we adore lovely girls-next-door, there’s something about bad angels that receives our blood-flowing. We suppose it’s coz our blood is flowing down to our dicks, and a bad cutie knows exactly what to do with a fully-loaded piece of manhood. And if you’ve viewed any of Kamille Amora’s hardcore scenes, u know that this honey knows how to receive a woman chaser off. Kamille has quite the rap sheet, too. Her offenses include luscious, sloppy blow jobs, mind-blowing tit tugs and stuffing the largest cocks this babe can find into her chubby muff. Kamille is as kinky and bad as this babe wants to be. Heck, with Kamille’s boobs pouring out of the tiniest prison jump suit ever, we wouldn’t mind being booked and behind bars at the XL Gals Correctional Facility. Kamille would be the consummate cellmate, likewise.

“I’m definitely attracted to dangerous situations,” Kamille told. “Things love screwing in public, u know. I’ve had sex in closets at restaurants. I have blown a lad at a episode theater. The idea of getting caught just gets me off.”

Love we told, she’s as bad as that babe wishes to be.

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Wide Load Nymphos

Wide Load Nymphos

Bulky Czech chick Bessi acquires boffed by the notorious Euro chap Pascal, known for rogering adore a jackhammer. He of course seems smitten with Bessi’s love bubbles, booty and stomach. There’s no theme, no plot, no story, no set-up, no acting and no pizza delivery in this scene from Wide Load Nymphos. Just Bessie enjoying weenie time.

Bessi is bigger in size than average and satisfied of it. She became a prolific adult star of the BIG CAPTIVATING HEADMISTRESS niche in Europe. “In the west, they adore the skinny, catwalk gals,” told Bessi, a nice-looking MILF super-plumper. “All diminutive chicks with no corpulent on their bodies. They are boney.”

Bessi likewise appeared in the DVD Humpin’ Plumpers, getting a medical check-up that turned into a hawt sex session.

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Bouncy Boobs

Bouncy Breasts

Bunny de la Cruz was in and without adult action quickly. That was surprising cuz everyone predicted a long career could be hers. She hasn’t been heard from since she left porn.

34JJ-cupper Bunny was recent when this babe began shooting at The SCORE Group.

“I’m kind of surprised that there’s not plenty of rude people here,” Bunny told to one of the TSG editors. “I’ve done one more modeling and almost any places I have been to, the makeup artists and other people are kind of rude, but everyone here has been very valuable. I am enjoying being here very much. The photographers and all the studio people are very amicable.”

Big busted Bunny got into adult episodes though a familiar route: dancing. U don’t see many exotic dancers with such larger than average natural mellons.

“I’m an exotic dancer near my home. I dance at several different places ‘cuz I acquire bored marvelous easily. You see the same people all the time, so I love to move around some and acquire some multiformity. I love the lap dancing part, but I also detest captivating garments, so being stripped is a fine thing for me. I had a Voluptuous mag at home. I saw an ad there and answered it.”

Bunny had a tattoo placed in a very strategic area. When her bottoms come off, you cant miss it.

“I think my bawdy cleft looks gorgeous when it’s hairless, and I have a tattoo there. It’s a rainbow and above it, it says ‘taste the rainbow.’ The tattoo artist was even more uncomfortable than I was, I suppose, ‘cuz the complete time I was telling him how much I abhored him. That shit hurt, you know? The fact that I was screaming in pain kind of took away from the experience for him. He said this dude didn’t adore angels to scream and cry on his table, but I couldn’t help it.

“I had to go back three times to get it totally finished. It took Fourty minutes to an hour each time. It was awful, but it is smth that I wanted. It is different and no one else has it. Everyone always remembers it. As far as shaving, I suppose it looks and feels very clean to have my bawdy cleft hairless. I’ve never truly had hair down there, at least not since I’ve been sexually active. I’ve shaved it for years, so I’ve no idea how it feels to have hair down there.”

Why Bunny left porn, and so quickly, is unknown to us. Maybe it was a case of been there, done that. She is missed!

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