Cat’s 1st Anal!

Cat's 1st Anal!

Cat Bangles’ moves are absolutely mind boggling in her 1st a-hole stab scene. Beginning off with an magnificant unfathomable throating, messy and sloppy, Cat goes right for butt-hole heaven barely seven minutes into the act. She and Mirko alternate between fur pie and a-hole rogering in this totally ass-tounding close rencounter of the anal kind.

Erotic skills do not come any hotter. Cat has only shot for SCORELAND.
She’s the real Cat Lady. Cat came close to making super-stud JMac lose his cum fast in her first boy-girl scene. Mirko here deserves a gold star for not blasting early after what Cat does to his hard-on in just the 1st hardly any minutes.

Cat says that babe is ready for a 3some and commented about one she did.

“It was with a goddess and a woman chaser. It was with a couple of allies of mine. We were all sitting around having some drinks and talking on a Friday evening. The girl was my best friend and the boy was interested in me, but I was interested in my girlfriend. This Lothario wanted to do something with me, and I basically told that guy could jump in and we could all have some pleasure. Next thing you know, we’re throwing back some shots and we’re in the bedroom and one as well as the other of us are giving him a oral sex and then we’re banging. I’d definitely do it all over one more time.”

Would Cat be game to go once more?

“I’d adore to have two dicks at one time, one in my muff and one in my arse. If they both fit, let’s go! I guess I was definitely born for porn. It just took me a whilst to acquire around to it!”

Seeing is believing!

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Natalie Accepts All Discharges

Natalie Accepts All Shoots

There’re some girls who just exude confidence and sexual energy. Natalie Fiore is one of those beauties, and it appears to be no matter where she’s, what she’s doing or how that babe is dressed, that babe looks priceless sufficient to eat. It’s been enjoyment watching one of the Top Twenty Naturals of all-time (in both SCORE and V-mag) grow from DDD-cup SCORE Hotty to a 40HH-cup, glowing, sizzling-hot mamma and XL Cutie. Especially since Natalie makes no doubt of in flaunting it if you have got it. And, lady-killer, does she have plenty.

“Women should unveil their deep cleavage all the time,” that babe told. “It’s hawt. If I could, I’d at not time wear a top.”

We could of course arrange that. Natalie’s latest photo set has the curvy playgirl working the phones, but as is always the case with her, it serves merely to give us a case of the bones. After giving birth, Natalie’s pointer sisters are more bulky and plush than ever. And her areolas have by no means looked more ripe for a worthwhile, long suckling. We receive a not many wonderful full-body views of Natalie’s new curves, too. Her childbearing thighs, now softer than ever, have us wishing we could serve this hotty some more cock juice in her plump wet crack. And maybe even give her baby number 2. An XL Man can fantasy, cant this fellow?

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Amerie’s Jism Filling

Amerie's Goo Filling

The pleasing and big boobed Amerie Thomas knew about XL Angels three years ago. “I just did not have the guts to send in pictures until this year and I am so happy I did!” And so are we. Better later than not ever.

What kind of foreplay does Amerie enjoy?

“I love old-school high school make-out fests, not fast taking off our hot outfit, feeling every other’s bodies. Neck kisses, kisses to my navel. And where that leads to….”

Is there any real difference betwixt having sex in public and having sex on-camera so many more people can see u? Anyway the chance of getting arrested for having sex in an actual public place love a park.

“You can say that I’m a public sex paramour. I have joy having people observe me. My orgasms get very intense.”

There’s one action that Amerie doesn’t care for. Booty sex. “I don’t love anal. I have tried it more than a not many times. I have squirted out my gazoo in advance of but it is just not my thing. I’d rather have my pussy beat-up.”

“I have had three-somes, one as well as the other with two females and one buck and two studs and me. I savour having 2 dudes more. I also love gangbangs and have even done a pair of fuckfests.”

Today Amerie waits for a deliveryman to deliver his package. A package of sex. Our fleet of deliverymen are the topmost.
Tony is today’s deliveryman. He’ll deliver his package and drive big boob redhead Amerie home to cumsville with a nut-cream finish inside her consummate vagina. Amerie swallowed final time. Here, the ball-sauce drips with out Amerie’s muff once Tony has busted a nut during the time that this chab is drilling Amerie. This chap aims to please.

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Larger than run of the mill Brit Tit Sex

Big Brit Tit Sex

The great Brit copulate star Toni Evans (also known as Kirstyn Halborg and a bunch of other names) receives screwed by Alberto first, then bawdy Euro porn fellow Pascal joins in and they work Toni over until that babe is pounded senseless and covered in cock juice. Now that is a pleased ending.

Toni was once interviewed by Linzi Drew, wife of Brit porn skirt chaser Ben Dover (Ben Dover Does The Boob Cruise 1997). Linzi herself appeared in Thirty something mag (SP 38) and was likewise on the Boob Cruise in ’97.

“I literally woke one day and had double-Ds,” Toni recalled. “At the age of nine, I was in a B-cup below garment. I came in for such stick at school. I got beaten up and everything.

“I think my first shoot was a ordinary topless discharge for The Sport newspaper. I hated posing for these images. I would come up to London to stay with some friends and it just went from there. The more I stayed in London, the more wild I became. The more eccentric I became. The more outgoing I became. I was not like one of these beauties who’d be going round flashing my hooters everywhere, but I would always wear the majority provocative, the most see-through outfit I could get away with.

“To me the biggest kick was getting in there and getting all glammed-up, getting on-set and getting shagged. Not thinking of the digital camera. Now looking back if I’d had thought also much about the digital camera I probably would by no means have done it. It’s hard when u are in this business ‘coz usual people do not copulate like us, do not talk adore us, don’t act adore us. Our entire lives are totally different.

“I love D.P.’s. It is true. Cuz u just get triple orgasms all the time. It actually is fantastic. Do you know, I say this to any female hand-on-heart; you’ve gotta do it. You have just got to do it once in your life so you know.”

Toni is now a undressed modeling agent placing angels in porn films. She meets girls wherever she goes.

“I usually say; ‘Do you fancy earning some supplementary cash?’ and then I ask ‘em if they’ve got a spouse. Boyfriends are usually bother. I say: ‘Are you into pleasure and are you open-minded?’ Open minded is the key word, I find. I know from experience if they’re cute, open-minded and have got a sense of humor that’s a great combination to make a top porno star!”

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One Hit Wonders

One Hit Wonders

Joeena Fun bags solely modeled once at XL Angels. She enticed and abandoned us but not ever let ‘em see ya cry is our philosophy. It was a shame to not discharge Joeena afresh and receive a diminutive in number more scenes. Win some, lose some, win some more. In any event, we move forward and keep the follow plan to discover the best and hottest XL Cuties.

Joeena was coupled with Talon for this video. Now Talon is the brother of noted TT Woman chaser, the porn actor turned producer so ramming and slamming girls runs in the family. Talon really did pound the rogering hell out of Joeena and that is the kind of sex hubby that’s needed to acquire a truly hawt copulatory canoodling.

We talked to Joeena after they banged and came.

“At first, I thought it would just be a job, but once I got in bed with my co-star, it was like, wow!” Joeena told. “But what turned me on majority, I think, was the photo-shoot. I felt actually hawt. I guess that is great that so many boyz will jack off to my images. But it might be a little atypical if I am out in public and a stranger says to me, ‘I saw you in XL Gals. Aren’t you Joeena Milk sacks?’ I do not know how I would handle that. I just don’t know what I’m supposed to say. It would be weird but cool to autograph the mag. I’m contented of it, and I wouldn’t deny it. I’m not that kind of a person.”

“In my normal, standard life, my religion is Wiccan. I am a Pagan, a white witch. So even my religion is smth that’s a little different. It celebrates the elements: earth, air, fire and water, and the spirit that resides in all of us. And our rituals are performed naked. I’m the high priestess of a coven. I’ve seven members, and we have been practicing for more than nine years. I was born a witch. My parents will tell you that I could always sense things. I can tell when things are gonna happen, like when somebody is getting a cold.”

“By the time I got to junior college, I was a double-D. And I got harassed for it, take my word for it. The angels used to gang up on me. I think they were jealous. I’m 5’11”, and I was always tall. I am 6’3″ with platform heels. I execrated my meatballs at 1st. I started liking ‘em when I was mature sufficient to go to the bars, and I realized that they got me phone numbers.”

“When I was making the movie scene, the chap was so gentle with my mellons, and I was adore, ‘You do not have to be that gentle, hottie!’ Hey, handle me! I’m a large female. I love to be manhandled! I wanna be thrown down on the daybed. If I am getting it doggie-style, pull my hair, slap my butt!”

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Recent Discovery

New Discovery

“I don’t work out. I am not much of a sports person so I don’t watch football or basketball,” says new SCORELAND arrival Harlow Nyx. The green-eyed redhead from Missouri is a smokin’ sweetheart. We have a rebel in the abode and when they’re charming redheads with bigger in size than typical bouncy bosoms and a voluptuous body, they can rebel and disclose all they wish. We’re here to make them famous rebels.

In the one and the other introductory movie scenes, Harlow tells us about herself, her interests and her wild sex life. Her knockers are immense and gracious, scrumptious 36G-cups. In the Bonus vid, Harlow and the employees hit the streets of Miami and take Harlow and her guitar to a music store.

Harlow loves thrash metal music, horror films, going to concerts, Chinese food, and hard, pile-driving sex. That babe is bi, likes to deep-throat and says this babe doesn’t have lots of boundaries and restrictions. This gal needs her own TV reality reveal.

Welcome aboard, Harlow Nyx.

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Back in Dark

Back in Black

The shots of Suzumi Wilder serving her bigger than standard mellons on a paddle are boobtastic and these images of her undressed in slavery are the one and the other erotic and carnal. Her bawdy cleft spreading is consummate. Look how Suzumi pulls her lips to the sides and gives us a really fine look inside her pleasing pink cooch. You cant take a bad picture of this sexy beauty if u endevoured.

“I feel like I can acquire into anything if the mood is right,” Suzumi says. “Some of my prefered things are to have my booty smacked whilst I am being screwed and to have my hair pulled.”

“I masturbate quite a lot. If I am going for a quickie I will use an egg sex-toy on my love button and work up to a quick large O while thinking about being fucked rock hard. If I draw it out, I will use a vibrator, sometimes a double-ended one which I can press into my wazoo and fur pie, and lazily shag myself until I receive close to climax. I usually use my vibrating egg on my clitoris while fucking myself to cum hard.”

Suzumi has a girl-next-door, girlfriend-material vibe. We’d adore to discover twenty more who are muscly and look adore her for XL Cuties but there’s merely one Suzumi and we’re grateful for that!

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Butt Missile For A Big-Boob Whore

Butt Missile For A Busty Bimbo

Delicious bra-stretcher Angelina Verdi is a big-breasted lady who knows exactly what that babe wishes a ladies man to do to her bigger in size than typical love bubbles, throat, vagina and butthole.

Angelina talks about herself and this babe describes how that babe can’t live out of her big billibongs to be treated, using her own hands 1st to show us. Then the appropriately-named Joey Hogger arrives to give Angelina what she craves.

1st, a lot of attention paid to her teats and jugs. Returning the favour, Angelina assumes the position on hands and knees to treat him to her mouth moves, taking dick deeply down her mouth, touching with tongue, mouthing and kissing the bloated beef as her bra-busters dangle. He straddles her chest so that babe can give him a healthy tit-job.

Hogger licks her pussy to tickle her clitoris and lube her for easy insertion. They copulate and while this babe rides his bologna pony on top, tells him to bonk her anal opening. That babe has prepared her dark-skinned hole for a fill-up, her 1st time on video. This chab bangs her gazoo in reverse cowgirl and in doggie for deeper thrusts.

Angelina wants to suck his 10-Pounder, and asks him to pull out and bring it over to her face hole so that babe can “taste her ass.” “Taste her booty.” Those words make a man crave to cry tears of enjoyment.

Angelina gives him a sloppy BJ and hand-job. Her face hole full of schlong, this babe is unable to answer when Hogger asks her how her booty tastes. That babe strokes and blows his meat when, with a moan, he spurts his semen out all over her billibongs. That babe hungrily swallows as much nut-slop as that babe can.

All in all, we were impressed by big breasted Angelina’s erotic talents. She’s also managed so far to stay without the greasy grasps of the numerous porn producers who study and imitate what SCORE does. In fact, we haven’t seen Angelina at all since this scene was shot. That is the large tit porn lover’s loss.

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