Mountains of Monique

Mountains of Monique

“I endevoured once to weigh my breasts but one of my bra buddies would not even fit on the scale. My areolae are about five inches or so wide but they are very light in color so they are hard to watch in photos,” said Monique, one of the stupendous women ever observed at XL Girls.

“I think I have always known it. I’ve at no time been ashamed of my body and I at no time had a problem being bare. I do not think somebody should. I suppose a bare body is truly impressive, so why not flaunt it? If other people savour it, even more breathtaking, and if they don’t, do not look!”

Said Monique, “I’m an exhibitionist. I like being contented of my size and showing what I’ve got!” Last we heard, Monique’s boobs were still growing!

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Deliveries In The Rear

Deliveries In The Rear

In Spanish, “Nova” means “no go,” but that translation doesn’t apply to our bosomy buddy Terry Nova (Large Boob Paradise on DVD). Terry’s on the go all the time, offering her immense bosoms to the boob-lovers. She speaks solely Czech, not quite no English, but Miss Nova doesn’t truly have to. All you get to do is point to your groin and put your finger in her throat to receive your message across.

Editor Dave met Terry in Eleuthera, The Bahamas during Greater than typical Boob Paradise.

Wrote Dave, “In Eleuthera, there wasn’t a single person who spoke more than a miniature in number words of Czech. But Terry did not exactly get the silent treatment. U know how when people try to communicate with a person whose language they do not speak, they’ll speak extra lazily, as if speaking sluggishly can break the language barrier? There was lots of that going on. Plenty of body language, also.

“The great thing about Terry is that that babe doesn’t need to be told how to be hawt. This babe understands the power this babe has over dudes, and that babe knows how to give ’em just the right look, do the right thing. I loved walking up the stairs behind Terry. This babe always wore butt shorts, and that was quite a watch. I would’ve told, ‘Nice a-hole.’ But that babe wouldn’t have understood me.”

In this SCORE Movie scene, Terry shows up as a play-for-pay girl when our lewd hero needs stress busting and a release from his frustrations. Leave it to Terry! This babe knows exactly what breast-men like. To actually make his day, Terry even spreads her anal opening to his thrusting tool. This chab puts her throughout a workout, ramming, jamming and cramming her arse while Terry wishes him to man juice her gigantic jugs. It is a done deal as merely Terry Nova can pull off.

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My Living Big boobed Doll

My Living Busty Doll

The robot that scientists are producing this day are getting more and more far out. When JMac gets a large box delivered to his abode, this chab doesn’t know what the hell is going on. Maybe it was delivered to the not correct address.

This fellow opens the top half and there “it” is in all “its” glory, a life-like replica of Savannah Stevens, perfect in all details. But is “it” or “she” a replica or something more? This Lothario have to investigate. This chab pulls off the packing insulation and checks it out. The face, the larger than run of the mill funbags and the body look more than just the parts of an breathtaking mannequin. The skin feels adore human skin. Soft. Pliable. Warm.

JMac sees a tag on the back. “Pull here to activate.” A tug turns on a digital beeping sound. With a shudder and a unfathomable breath that thrusts “its” bra-covered bra-busters forward, Savannah Stevens-droid spreads “her” eyes and begins to move.

‘What are you?” asks an insane JMac. “I feel so much more fine now” are the words that come without her throat. JMac carries her without the rest of the box and examines her even more closely.

Does her mouth feel adore a real girl’s mouth? Is her realistic pussy like a real cookie? Does this chab receive to program her or was that done before she was shipped out? What about batteries? Included? Does that babe also do windows? JMac is about to look at. This dude may at not time must leave the house some other time with Savannah-bot touching with tongue and bouncing on his knob. And she’ll by no means get a headache.

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Wifely Duties Include Anal

Wifely Duties Include Anal

This humpable housewife can’t live with out pecker in her a-hole. Lila Enjoyable is scrubbing the floor, part of her wifely duties. Lila’s spouse loves her to wear hot outfits like this sheer nightie when she cleans and does household chores and Lila is a man-pleaser, insane to satisfy.

Her husband’s friend Tony ambles in. He have to be a close ally to just walk into his buddy’s abode with the guy’s hot wife on all fours. That lady-killer sneaks in and quietly checks out Lila’s fleshy a-hole and her dangling pantoons. Lila looks pleased to see him. This guy’s in.

Lila’s not merely a husband-pleaser, she’s a husband’s-friends-pleaser too. This is a very worthy neighborhood. After some brief dunky talk and mutual eye-fucking, Lila and Tony receive chummier.

Tony makes a move for her large scoops and plays with ’em. Lila reaches for his zipper and acquires his knob out to engulf. This is one housewife who’s on her knees a lot. This acquire to be a solid marriage. She not solely gives him lip service and her spread grip, this babe widens her rectal hole for him too and he takes full advantage. “I like anal!” says Lila, the nice wife.

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Takin’ A Ride In The RV

Takin' A Ride In The RV

This was Jolie Rain’s 1st XXX at Scoreland. You’re about to watch this redheaded, nipple-pierced girl-next-door and Army vet get rogered in a motor home.

“My sex dreams always involve wheels, usually outdoors…I think about having sex on the hood of a muscle car at a race track or inside a HUMMV. Doing it in a motor home for SCORE got me very sexy. I was juicy previous to we even began fooling around. There is just something about sucking a man’s jock in a car that’s so hot and sexy that I feel adore there is electricity flowing throughout my cookie.”

Jolie was working as a bartender in a “sleazy place” and one of the males playing in the band that day bugged out when this smooth operator saw the tank-top wearing redhead. That smooth operator was a SCORE reader and practically begged her to apply for glamour modeling assignments.

“I hadn’t indeed thought about myself too much as being able to do this,” told Jolie. “I thought it had to be beauties with so much going on, and I felt that I am this little high school cutie trying to enjoy. But this dude said me, ‘No, I have a ally who likes it, and u are so glamourous that I would die just to see u.’ I thought that if he’s just a woman chaser in a band who would like to see me in it, that would give me the confidence to do it. So I went online to SCORELAND, and I loved the site. I was turned on the minute I saw it.”

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Constricted Top & Taut Ass Shorts

Tight Top & Constricted Arse Shorts

Chevy Cobain came all the way from Erie, Pennsylvania to be an XL Girl. This babe said that babe was a little nervous in the starting her 1st time here but that disappeared as the shoot went on. This babe has a laid-back personality, warming up as her sexy outfit came off so this babe could rub her bigger in size than run of the mill billibongs and finger-bang her pink taco.

Chevy’s on a hardly any social networks adore almost all honeys today. That babe loves taking selfies. Our studio people saw her there around the same time that babe saw XL Angels. Chevy’s solely Nineteen years aged and sprouted youthful. Her fun bags are a 40H-cup. The stylist measured her bustline at 50-inches. Definitely more than a handful.

“I must go to peculiar below garment stores to receive the right sizes. I receive my bras online from a place in Buffalo,” says Chevy. Large zeppelins are not elementary to support. Next on the to-do list for Chevy is a bust-out bangeroo. Gotta see these knockers bounce some more.

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Heaven Can not Await

Heaven Can not Wait

“I like sport bras,” says Cathy Heaven. After taking a shower that includes some finger-fucking, Cathy tries on some bras. “But the nicer-looking elegant ones too, which I can solely find in specific shops adore Ann Summers where they have G or GG cup sizes. I love bras that show tons of deep cleavage.”

Cathy said smth that Spanish porno star Sandra Milka said. “I fulfilled all my dreams adore Dual Penetration or even double anal.” Becoming a porn star was the way they made their fantasies come true.

Cathy doesn’t receive to acquire too “out there” to have an orgasmic time. “What satisfies me most of all is getting my cunt well-fucked. I try to have sex each single day if I can.” Sometimes the almost all basic ways are the topmost.

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Bathing dress Kitty

Bikini Kitty

“I was 18 when my virginity was taken,” told Cat Bangles. “I was a late bloomer. I did not get these bad gals until I was about 18. But when my melons came in, they just blew up. People would tell me that I had a glamorous face and things love that, but my body didn’t really come in until later on. My breasts grew in all at one time and then my arse did, likewise. Now I just like being in nature’s garb whenever I can.”

By total chance, Cat connected on the web with Tony Rubino, one of the X-Men at XL Beauties and this chab encouraged her to contact The SCORE Group.

“One evening, a friend and I were getting a little frisky online, and Tony said us there was a recent app called Vine. So this stud said us to put a episode up, and we did and we kept doing it over and over. We were rogering and mouthing all over the place. Everyone loved it and commented, including Tony. One of his comments was that any hawt gals should click here contact with him if they were interested in adult modeling with The SCORE Group. Interestingly, I had applied to The SCORE Group a year prior. He told this lady-killer would click here contact with u all for me once more, and now, here I’m shaking my juggs for all of you. All thank you to Tony and Vine.”

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